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President: Roger Joiner; The President conducts meetings, facilitates discussion and the flow of information to members, and is the primary spokesperson for the Oak Grove Kennel Club.

Vice PresidentCheyenne Joiner; The Vice President assists the President in the performance of his duties. Should the Vice President be unable to perform his duties that Vice President shall assume those duties. 

TreasurerJennifer Sentman; The Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of all legal documents and government filings, assists in developing the budget, and keeps track of all revenues, and disburses funds according to the approved budget. 

SecretaryJennifer Sentman; The Secretary prepares and distributes meeting agendas, and will maintain a complete record of all Board, and general meetings. 

Membership Director: The Membership Director is responsible for maintaining a complete and updated list of voting members and recruiting new members. 

Fundraising Director: The Fund Raising Director is responsible for raising funds for operations of the Oak Grove Kennel Club along with networking with other professional organizations to aid in fundraising events. 

We are currently looking to fill the Membership Director and Fundraising Director Positions, if you are interested or have any further questions, please contact us. 

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